About Our Trips and Activities for Families

"....had a great time on the Calumet trip. I also really appreciated how it was so inclusive; I was a bit worried, turned out better than I could have hoped.", Susan, Feb '12.

hiking familyOur trips are great for families new to hiking or camping as well as those with more experience. We welcome families of all kinds. Getting our kids out there together is so much more fun all round - kids and parents get company. Our volunteer trip leaders are all parents - so if the activity works for our kids, should be fun for yours too.  As part of the Appalachian Mountain Club our Boston Family Group is able to draw on their support for resources and training.  

Too challenging? Too slow? Kids all the wrong age?

To parents who worry "my kid won't fit in", we say - you may be surprised!

Our outings offer a friendly atmosphere with a combination of new and returning families. Magic happens!  Kids without fail make friends of different ages, and constantly surprise parents with their adaptability!  

We want to make sure an activity is the right fit for your child or teen, and know that your family has the appropriate equipment. Tell us about you and your family.  Email the Leader or Registrar on the trip listing. Leaders are there to answer your questions, no question is too obvious to ask!  

Of course not all kids travel at the same pace, so leaders tailor activities to the group.  Older kids may go on a longer/faster hike while the littler ones go at their own pace with time to explore.   Lots of stops for breaks and snacks, with an adult at the rear to keep track of everyone.

To find out the ages of kids going on a hike, ask the leader. If It seems your child is the only one of her age booked on a hike, don't let it put you off.  

Dogs on trips?

Dogs are welcome on some trips. This is on a trip by trip basis - if you want to bring a dog, check first.

Family Day Hikes

We plan close-to-home walks, explorations and other fun outdoor activities for kids around Boston.  We sometimes meet at a playground to keep the kids happy while we congregate, or combine a walk with a social get-together.  Some of our hikes are T-accessible and we encourage car pooling.  

Non-AMC families welcome!

Join us on a Saturday or Sunday for a few hours, to hike and explore with other families.  No need to be to be an AMC member  - everyone with kids two to teens is welcome (younger if they are in a carrier!).   Each month we have at least one Boston-area activity - 

To view hikes and trips click here.

Overnight Family Trips

mt libertyOn weekends and school vacations, our family trips go further -- to beautiful locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine! 

In the summer, choose from car camping with hiking, biking, water activities and general exploring in nature, hiking to AMC huts/lodges, or camping right here in the Boston Harbor Islands!  In the winter our trips offer simple farmhouse accommodation or AMC huts for sledding, skiing and other snow fun.  On all our trips leaders make sure the activities fit the ages and abilities of the kids. 

Right for your family?

Leaders may set age requirements or equipment requirements (think hiking to AMC huts) for their trip and will help you decide if the trip is right for your family.  Don't worry about your kid/s not fitting in - it's amazing how kids who do not know each other play together on trips!


Accommodation may be a rustic farmhouse, tent camping, or an AMC hut or lodge.  Families may have to share a room or a bathroom or walk to shower.  We work to make sure the set up is comfortable for all families. Each trip is different - so check with the leader.  


Trip leaders usually buy food for the trip and everyone helps with meal preparation and eats together. Kids share in chores too! We will always have kid-friendly food available.  Let the leader know if you or your kid have food allergies or special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Why go along? 

Your kids get to spend time together outdoors, and you get grown-up company.  Always lots of time for kids to play and explore!  

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