Get Involved!

Our trip leaders and activity planners are all volunteers and parents experienced in leading family trips. They love sharing the outdoors with other families. Many leaders have years of experience camping and hiking in New England and are qualified in First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid.  Leaders know how to keep your kids safe while making sure you all have a good time!

Ready to help lead trips?

We want more parents to help lead. An interest in being outside with your kids and common-sense are the basic requirements. Come along on one of our trips and check us out. We will get you to co-lead alongside experienced leaders and train you. 

Leaders and Parents

On any of our hikes and trips, leaders plan and lead the activities, but parents are still responsible for their own children.  Generally families are enjoying activities together. 

Get Involved!

We welcome all parents to get involved.  We are a friendly volunteer community and we know your kids would have fun getting outside with ours!

Meet our leaders!

Contact our leaders to get involved. Click on the leader's name to send an email.

Jeanne Blauner, Chair and Trip Leader 


David Powell
, Treasurer, Trip Approvals, and Leader 







Tim Patenaude, Trip Leader and Kid Wizard




Nancy Peterson, Treasurer and Trip Leader

Naomi Ribner, Trip Leader

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Photos by Dina Samfield, Carol Pilgrim and more.