Trip Fees and Registration

tubingUnderstanding Fees

No charge for our day hikes or activities, you only have to pay for any entrance fee or equipment rental. Please register so we know you are coming!

Overnight trip fees usually include accommodation/campsite and food. You may have to bring lunch makings or something for a potluck. You will get details when you register. Pay by sending a check to the trip leader.

On overnight trips the costs of a trip will contribute to leaders and co-leaders expenses.  A small amount may go to the Boston Family Outings Group to help with training and overheads.


If you have to cancel, tell the leader right way. If it’s an overnight paying trip, our policy is to try to fill your spot, and we do our best to refund your trip expenses.  If it's a last minute cancellation, we wait till the trip is over to issue any refund.

If we have to cancel a trip for any reason, we let you know with as much notice as possible, so you can make other plans. If it’s an overnight trip we will refund any payment in full.

Liability Release

To participate, you will need to sign a standard AMC liability release form on the trip. If you are bringing a child, and you are not their parent, get the release form from the leader. Have the child's parent sign the form when you pick up the child, and bring the form with you! Here's the form.

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