Beal Island Canoe & Sea Kayak Weekend


Beal Island Canoe & Sea Kayak Weekend

Paddling Date: Fri May 24, 2019 - Mon May 27, 2019

Tidewater Canoe and Sea Kayak Camping Weekend. Easy paddling, good food and informal instruction available. This is a good introduction to a Tidewater Paddling area that is ideal for sea kayaking. We have the option of both introductory and advanced canoe or sea kayak day trips from Beal Island.
Enjoy happy hour and dinner around a campfire. Moonlight paddle if water permits.
Deposit required.

Activity Category: Paddling - Canoeing, Paddling - Flatwater, Paddling - Sea Kayaking
Region: Maine, Southern and Mid-Coast
State: ME
Leader: Kenneth Kaiser 978-664-5984 (before 9 pm)
Co-Leader: Donna Jean Kaiser (E-mail Donna Jean Kaiser)
External Link: AMC Boston Paddlers
Trip Location: Beal Island, Georgetown, Maine 04548
Registration Required: Yes
Keywords: tidewater, seakayak, flatwater, canoe, canoe camping
Status: Open


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