Family North To South Pack Monadnock Mountain Traverse with Easter Egg Hunt, Peterborough, NH (BHP: Level 3)


Family North To South Pack Monadnock Mountain Traverse with Easter Egg Hunt, Peterborough, NH (BHP: Level 3)

Family Date: Sun April 21, 2019

Date: Sunday 4/21; time 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

NOTE: Hike has been rescheduled to Easter Sunday April 21 due to rain and near gale force winds on Saturday.

Join the AMC Family Outings Sunday April 21 (rescheduled from Saturday April 20th) from 9 am to 3 pm for a beautiful 5.8 mile mountain traverse with an Easter Egg Hunt atop South Pack Monadnock. We will traverse two open peaks, North Pack (2290') and South Pack (2276') Monadnock mountains in Peterborough, NH. From both summits we will have long sweeping views. Hike will be approximately 5.8 miles with 1,350' in elevation gain. Hikers will meet at Miller's State Park, Peterborough, NH, and we will car pool to start of hike.

"Pack" is the Indian word meaning "little" as these mountains are little compared to Mt. Monadnock.

Hiking boots required. Bring lunch/snacks/and plenty of water. Full gear list will be provided upon registration. Contact Jeanne Blauner at or 978-202-5606 with questions.

This is a joint hike with the Worcester Families Group.
This hike is part of the AMC Family Beginner Hiking Program (BHP). You do not have to be part of BHP to register for this hike, but it is a fun program and you might want to consider joining. To find out more about BHP, please cut and paste this link into your

Activity Category: Hiking
Region: New Hampshire, Monadnock Region
State: NH
Leader: Jeanne Blauner 978-202-5606
Co-Leader: Margarita Balmaceda (E-mail Margarita Balmaceda)
External Link:
Trip Location: Miller State Park, Peterborough, NH
Registration Required: Yes
Status: Open


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