Level 2 New Moon Tide Brave Boat Harbor Trip


Level 2 New Moon Tide Brave Boat Harbor Trip

Paddling Date: Sat August 3, 2019

Level 2 New Moon Tide Gerrish Island/Brave Boat Harbor
Arrive by 11:00 AM
On Time Launch 12:00 Noon
Hi Tide 9.9 feet at Gerrish Island: 1:36 PM
This is a very tide dependent trip.
The plan is NOT to Circumnavigate Gerrish Island (Level 3). This level 2 trip will paddle up Chauncey Creek then make our way through the great salt marsh all the way to Brave Boat Harbor. We'll have lunch at the harbor and spend some time possibly surfing the waves that normally appear at the entrance to the open ocean. After playing in the cove we will return to Pepperrell Cove following the same route back in reverse of the way we came in.
This paddle is open to kayaks at least 12 Ft Long. You must also have demonstrated the ability to wet exit wearing a spray skirt. You will be required to wear your spray skirt and a helmet if you intend to play in the surf or around the rocks at the harbor.
Bring at least $5.00 to cover the launch fee, a minimum of three pints of water per person, lunch and energy bars or snacks.
To be able to park at the back of the restaurant lot at the Pepperrell Cove town dock we need to commit to frequent the restaurant after the event. After dropping boats and all needed equipment for the trip we will need to move our vehicles up the road to the back of the restaurant lot or up the road to the school parking lot if you are not planning to join us there after the event and walk back to the launch. In either event you will need to drop your boat and gear then promptly move your vehicle since this is a very busy boat dock on a Saturday afternoon.

Activity Category: Paddling - Sea Kayaking
Region: Maine, Southern and Mid-Coast
State: ME
Leader: Gerald Smith softsmithjr@msn.com
External Link: AMC Boston Paddlers website
Trip Location: Pepperell Cove, Kittery Point, ME
Registration Required: Yes
Status: Open


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