Get Smarts : Smarts Mountain - 52 WAV


Get Smarts : Smarts Mountain - 52 WAV

Hiking/Backpacking Date: Sat August 15, 2020

Smarts Mountain, at 3,240 feet, lies along the Appalachian Trail, not far from where it enters New Hampshire from the West. Open quartzite ledges on Lambert Ridge and an old fire tower rising above its wooded summit offer fine views across the surrounding countryside. Smarts has a well-deserved place on the New Hampshire 52 With a View hiking list.

Our hike will take us approximately 7.5 miles, with over 2500 feet of elevation gain. We'll maintain a moderate pace, but the elevation gain and rugged trail puts this into the "Vigorous" category. There are a few sections of the trail requiring minor scrambling, so you will need good footwear.

This will be limited to a small number of participants, due both to a limited amount of trailhead parking, as well as our desire to make this trip as comfortable as possible for all participants.

Activity Category: Hiking
Region: New Hampshire, White Mountains
State: MA
Leader: Robert Mackin
Co-Leader: Eric Ashwell
External Link: Register here
Trip Location: Lyme NH
Registration Required: Yes
Status: Wait Listed


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